Mandar Apte

I am Mandar Apte.

I am Mandar Apte.

Thought Leader, Social Innovator, Meditation Teacher and Storyteller.

I collaborate with changemakers, leaders and organizations to reimagine their purpose & impact.

I am Mandar Apte.

Amidst multiple crises including a global pandemic, climate change, inequalities and loss of trust;
It is imperative that Leaders & Organizations must reinvent themselves.

Now is the time to


Scarlett Lewis Mother of Jesse Lewis
Newtown, Connecticut

“India has truly grounded me. During the trip, I felt the most hope since my personal tragedy because there was so much love that I received here.”

Ron Davis Father of Jordan Davis
Jacksonville, Florida

“I am going back from India, with such deep knowledge about the self . The meditation exercises have helped me release negative thoughts. There is an inner strength inside us. We need to cultivate that .”

Gib Bulloch Former Director
Accenture Development Partnerships

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mindful Leadership workshop. I would recommend this program for giving yourself the space to be creative, for good ideas to flourish and emerge.

Sola Winley Executive Vice President
Major League Soccer

Mandar is a man of deep knowledge, compassion and will. He practices what he preaches. Rare it is to find someone who can navigate and connect with others successfully in corporate settings, community environments as well as the spiritual realm.

Todd Hanson Former Director, Strategic Partnerships
Orange County Community Foundation

Thank you for bringing your meditation program to Orange County and all that you do to promote peace.

Russ Conser Former Manager
Shell Gamechanger

Mandar is a uniquely special human being with an insatiable and unrestrained appetite for the human side of creating positive change in the world. I highly recommend tapping Mandar's talents and vision if you're interested in driving broader changes in society via efforts that put people at the core.

Naomi Gardner Former Innovation Director
Saputo Inc.

The Mindful Leadership workshop reenergized me. I felt reconnected with my body and mind. I highly recommend this program as it gave new direction to my life.

Aderemi Adekoya Senior Advisor
United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP)

I applaud you for all your efforts that have gone beyond the call of duty to empower and support the women peacebuilders to build their leadership capacity and become stronger advocates for peace in Cyprus.


Let's Collaborate

One to One Chat

One-to-One session to explore strategies for transforming your leadership, impact and purpose

Online Educational Module

An online module to improve your mental wellbeing and resilience

Leadership Workshop

A leadership development workshop using meditation practice to transform your “inner game”

Innovation Workshop

An experiential innovation workshop for an organization to reimagine its purpose and impact

Leadership Development Through Immersive Travel

Join our curated journeys to India to transform your leadership and impact

Peace Consultancy For Cities

Build the capacity of leaders, and organizations to actively promote mental wellbeing, and peace in your community


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Awards & Recognitions

Honoured by Chief of
Los Angeles Police Dept. (LAPD)
for the work done to enhance Community Police Relations
Accenture Ashoka
Intrapreneur Award

for delivering an innovation learning program at Shell using meditation

Award for the Advancement of Dharmic Arts & Humanities

for promoting India's culture & wisdom
from the Hindu American Foundation

Social Media


Mandar won the 2018 Award for the Advancement of Dharmic Arts & Humanities from the Hindu American Foundation

Mandar enabled the MOU between US National Police Foundation and the Art of Living Foundation to promote mental wellbeing and improve community – police relations. In the picture, he is with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Founder, Art of Living Fdn) and Frank Straub (Director, US National Police Fdn)

Mandar with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and Mars. Shanti Viswanathan during Hindu American Fdn Gala (2018).

Mandar with Col. Sandeep Sen, Team Leader, Black Cat Commandos, Indian Army

Mandar was a speaker at the Parliament of World’s Religions 2018 in Toronto. Here he is with Director at the Parliament HQ in Chicago

Mandar with Dr. Carson at Stanford Univer. Mandar is an honored member of the prestigious Gandhi King Global Network – founded by Dr. Clay Carson, the former Director of the MLK Center at Stanford

Mandar’s film ‘From India With Love’ was premiered at Paramount Studios by the Community Relations Division of the Los Angeles Police Dept (LAPD) in April 2018

Mandar with LAPD Deputy Chief Labrada – at the 68th UN Civil Society Conf in Salt Lake City presenting the case study of the work done to enhance public safety and public health in Los Angeles

Mandar in deep conversation with HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder Art of Living Foundation

Mandar with Cheryl Lawson and her father, Rev. Bill Lawson – Civil Rights Leader and friend of Dr. King

Mandar presenting his transformational work in Los Angeles to Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

Mandar honored by Mayor Brede (Rochester Minnesota) and Capt Evenson of Rochester Police Dept. for hosting them as part of the delegation to India

Mandar with staff at Pfizer Labs in San Diego after conducting a session on Mindful Leadership

Mandar with law enforcement agency representatives from EUROPOL after film screening and meditation workshop hosted at the German Embassy in Washington DC

Mandar with honorees of the Medals of Honor ceremony that he had hosted during the World Summit for Countering Violence and Extremism. Pic includes Mumbai police families of Constable Omble, Inspector Salaskar, executives from Taj hotels and all international guests from various law enforcement agencies from USA

Mandar with Chief Geier (Albuquerque Police Dept) after leading a meditation workshop for APD officers

Mandar honoring Frank Straub (Director, National Police Foundation, and former NYPD 9/11 hero)

Mandar with Mrs. Omble and her daughter at the special award ceremony held during the auspices of the World Summit on Countering Violence & Extremism (Mumbai 2018)

Mandar with participants of the inaugural World Summit for Countering Violence and Extremism, held at Art of Living Center, Bengaluru Oct 2018


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