Mandar Apte

From India With Love

Spiritual Sojourn to India

We host delegations in immersive journeys across India, of leaders and changemakers who are seeking to recalibrate their purpose and impact. The journeys are usually between 7-10 days and include experiential learning, workshops on yoga and meditation practices, as well soulful interactions with changemakers and cultural ambassadors of India.

Our Inspiration

Sixty years ago, in 1959, when there was violence in America, Rev Martin Luther King Jr. had taken a five week journey to India to deepen his understanding of the nonviolence teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. That journey had made a profound impact on his leadership and vision.

Sojourn Testimonials

Thus far, we have hosted nearly 100 leaders from across America including Mayors, police officers, victims of violence, and social justice activists. Their testimonials inspire us to continue our mission.

Lt. (Retd) Jim Evenson

Rochester PD


Asst Chief Burton

Jacksonville Sherrifs Office


Scarlett Lewis

Mother of Jesse Lewis