Mandar Apte

From India With Love

Documentary Film

Watch our documentary film that showcases the experience of six victims of violence from across America who embarked on a transformational journey to India, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who had also visited India to study nonviolence.

The group included: a single mother whose son was brutally murdered in a tragic school shooting (Sandy Hook, Connecticut) and her best friend, a former gang member (Los Angeles, California), an educator (Newark, New Jersey), a social entrepreneur and a music scholar (both Black Lives Matter activists from Oakland, California).

The film showcases how the immersion in the culture of India empowered them with tools, wisdom and inspiration to find healing, solace and rejuvenate their commitment to become stronger ambassadors of nonviolence in their communities and neighborhoods.

The common denominator that binds them in this story is their unique exposure to violence and their desire to reinvigorate the conversation about nonviolence in America.

Currently available only in US, UK


Becky Booker
Austin, Texas
Ruben Cantu 
Social Activist, Austin