Mandar Apte

What else can be the purpose of your organization?

If you have thought about this question, then we would love to collaborate with you.

of Purpose

Whether stated or not, every organization has a purpose, that guides their mission and strategy, informs strategic decision-making, R&D and capital allocation.

Purpose also directly or indirectly, inspires both internal and external stakeholders to deliver the organization’s vision.

the next frontier of innovation

Multiple crises like COVID 19, social and economic inequalities, and several sustainability goals (SDG’s) including climate change are compelling leaders and organizations to step up and be part of the solution.

Organizations must reinvent themselves, their products, services, business models and impact – and their Purpose!

Merely focusing on business returns, or doing corporate philanthropy or CSR isn’t enough anymore.

An enlightened organization realizes that they need to do both – to make social impact and achieve business returns. This will also require leaders within the organization to develop new mindsets and competencies that enable “disruptive innovation” and “systems thinking”.


The Missing Link
the need to align inner & outer purpose

Many leaders facing this level of transformation will often start with a commitment to change, but focus only on addressing the “outer dimension” of the purpose statement and incremental structural and business model process changes. However, for breakthrough transformation to occur, organizations must also address the invisible “inner dimension”, where disruptive ideas are generated and mindsets are changed.

As Albert Einstein famously said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. Leaders who operate from a higher level of consciousness will bring greater empathy and compassion while designing and implementing breakthrough solutions needed to overcome today’s challenges – whether at the local or global level.

The Purpose Innovation Lab
Transform society & business

The Purpose Innovation Lab is a unique, experiential program that will customized to your needs. The modular program will help transform both the inner and outer dimensions of change and empower participants to create breakthrough innovations that will create value for both – society and business.

We will help you identify innovative ways to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of all stakeholders including your staff, current, and future customers as well as the planet.

We will work with you to apply the rigorous innovation process and methodology that I have developed while at Shell GameChanger, that blends inner work with outer purpose.

Let us collaborate to #ReThinkPurpose.

Expected Outcomes

Some common outcomes foreseen include, but are not limited to:
  • Breakthrough Ideas Pipeline for creating both social impact and business returns
  • Inspired participants, greater ownership and commitment to implement purpose agenda
  • Toolkit to improve productivity, performance and innovative thinking
  • Greater resilience, and socio-emotional skills to build trusted relationships